I'm very pleased with the instrument, it is beautiful – the sustain, craftsmanship. It will last me for many years.

Making of an Altamira guitar

1 — Premium Woods

Altamira guitars are made with the highest quality and fully sustainable aged woods sourced from Europe and the Americas – Spruce from Germany, Cedar from Spain, Rosewood from India, Cocobolo from Central America and Maple from Canada.

2 — Handcrafted

Altamira guitars are hand crafted using traditional Spanish construction processes. Every guitar made by Altamira is hand joined, bound (wrapped with the traditional Spanish rope method) and assembled to ensure the highest quality instruments are produced.

3 —Traditional Design

Altamira guitars feature the Spanish heel-neck joint – the traditional neck joint in Spanish guitar construction. This technique involves the neck and head-block being carved from a single piece of wood, which integrates into the body of the guitar and causes the entire instrument to vibrate in unison.

4 — Solid Tops

Altamira guitars are solid top guitars. The top of the guitar is the vital component for generating sound, vibrating as each string is plucked. With solid top guitars, the more this soundboard vibrates, the more this single piece of wood adapts and ‘opens up’ which improves the quality of sound as the guitar ages.

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