Our Story

Experience the timeless beauty and rich sound of our handcrafted traditional guitars. Each instrument is meticulously crafted for tonal excellence.

Sustainable Woods

Altamira guitars are crafted from sustainably sourced, premium aged woods such as Spruce from Germany, Cedar from Spain, Rosewood from India, Cocobolo from Central America, and Maple from Canada. All Altamira guitars have a solid top, ensuring improved tone over time


Altamira guitars are meticulously handcrafted using traditional Spanish construction methods. Each guitar undergoes hand joining, binding (utilizing the traditional Spanish rope method), hand carving, shaping, and assembly to guarantee the creation of the highest quality instruments.

Traditional Design

Altamira guitars feature the Spanish heel-neck joint – the traditional neck joint in Spanish guitar construction. This technique involves the neck and head-block being carved from a single piece of wood, which integrates into the body of the guitar and causes the entire instrument to vibrate in unison.

Optimum Setup

Altamira guitars are constructed to optimise playability and stability. The neck on all guitars are reinforced with carbon to ensure stability over time and laser technology is utilised to ensure the playing action (height above strings) is balanced to ensure ease of playability along with projection.

“This guitar is beautiful, it reacts so well - "la messa di voce!". Beautiful instrument, congratulations”

— Pavel Steidl