Hanson Luthier Workshop

Yao Xin (Hanson Yao) stands as a highly esteemed and renowned guitar luthier hailing from China. With a foundation rooted in woodworking and craftsmanship acquired at the China Art Academy, Hanson furthered his expertise by venturing to Spain in the early 2000s to delve into the art of classical guitar making. Today, he crafts exceptional instruments tailored for the concert stage.

Renowned virtuosos, including Rene Izquierdo, David Russell, Aniello Desiderio, Irina Kulikova, Martha Masters, Pavel Steidl, Ricardo Gallen, Elina Chekan, and many others, have graced the concert platform with Hanson's guitars.

Hanson's instruments reflect a commitment to precision and are customized to meet the exact requirements and specifications of musicians. Among his most popular creations are the Hanson N2 (crafted in the traditional style) and the Hanson N3 (featuring double top construction). For more information on these concert models, please reach out to us via the form below.

Beyond his craftsmanship, Hanson's deep passion for classical guitar and music education culminated in the establishment of The Altamira Guitar Art Foundation. This foundation actively curates and sponsors events, performances, and masterclasses worldwide, showcasing Hanson's dedication to advancing the world of classical guitar and music education.


“Altamira Hanson N3 Model is my guitar of choice! Rich Tone, perfect balance and intonation as well as great volume. A guitar destined to take your playing to the highest level”

— Rene Izquierdo