Altamira Foundation

The Altamira Foundation was founded in 2016 and aims to foster guitar education, performance and musical arts in communities

The Altamira Foundation hosts several international symposiums, drawing together world class classical guitarists, musicians, educators and researchers, as well as gifted young and emerging local and regional performers every year. Together they present a range of performances, masterclasses and forums. In particular, the Symposium aims to showcase the guitar, not only as a solo instrument, but also as an important part of diverse musical ensembles.

It also stages several competitions to encourage and nurture young talent and professional players wanting to improve their skills and make their mark on the international stage.

In a unique association, the Symposium collaborates with The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in Hong Kong and various educational institutes - including The University of Melbourne (Australia), University of Georgia (USA), University of Milwaukee (USA) - to share projects that will provide performing arts students with an opportunity to engage in ensemble performances and access the expertise of some of the world’s best performers and practitioners. The International Guitar Forum in conjunction with the University of Surrey International Guitar Research Centre complements the Symposium with an exploration of the heritage and interpretive practices of the guitar.

“Altamira Hanson N3 Model is my guitar of choice! Rich Tone, perfect balance and intonation as well as great volume. A guitar destined to take your playing to the highest level”

— Rene Izquierdo