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Our Vienna model is an intimate 19th century guitar honouring the great Johann George Stauffer, the most important historical Viennese luthier. Stauffer was born in 1778 in the Viennese suburb of Weißgerber and studied under the luthier Franz Geissenhof. Initially he built instruments modeled after the Italian guitar masters Giovanni Battista Fabricatore and Gaetano Vinaccia, he then developed several variants, typical of his own guitar style. This ‘Stauffer’ style features intricate bridge detailing, curved back, use of striking woods and an innovative development of tuning systems and frets.

Our Vienna model is perfect for musicians specialising in Romantic period repertoire - music by Legnani or Mertz, and inspired by the subtle and nuanced tone of period instruments.

This model has been played in concerts by the world’s leading classical guitar maestros such as Ricardo Gallen and Pavel Steidl.

Solid Spruce top
Lacquered Mahogany Neck
Laminated Birdseye Maple Back and Sides
Hand French-polished Finish
Ebony Fingerboard
Radius Fretboard
622 mm Scale Length
Traditional detachable neck design

Strung with Savarez strings

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